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State of the Farm

The central purpose of the Melon Farm is to serve as a room dedicated to adult roleplaying about a farm where all of the female farm help are delicious girls who are incredibly busty and friendly. There is a definite need for men, because why look good if no one’s looking, err, because there’s plenty of work to be done. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The farm girls are sexy, busty, a bit naive, but very hardworking. The guys around the farm are friendly, strong, and know how to keep a girl satisfied.

There is always a need for more help at the farm. If you’re interested in assisting at the farm, contact Tempy or CaptAdams.

Features of the farm at present include:

  • Citrus Farm
  • Melons Patch
  • Pond (with raft for sunbathing)
  • Milking Barn for cows
  • Labratory (for researching better formulas on the farm)
  • Guest Houses with a variety of motifs (different styles of play from the main focus of the room)
  • Main Office (Where you can usually find Tempy working or being worked over)

The room is not D/s oriented. Respect each other and have some fun.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to participate on the farm.


The Farm is Open

Welcome to the Melon Farm, a place for people to play and have fun. The Melon Farm is filled with all sorts of friendly girls with some of the best curves imaginable. We’re still setting the place up, so please don’t mind the mess! 🙂

– Kisses

Tempy, the Office Manager