Melon Farm News Update

There has been lots happening on the farm in recent weeks. Growing fast and becoming increasingly popular there are almost always a group of guests wandering around the farm marveling at its wonder and enjoying the incredible views it has to offer.

We are proud to announce the appointment of our Sheriff Cady. She can often be found sitting on the deck of her sheriff’s office keeping a keen eye out for any who would make any attempts to act inappropriately or disrespect any of the lovely bouncy girls frolicking on the farm.

There has been a large complex of cabins built for the staff that stays on the farm working daily to help it grow and maintain the property. Other additions are a chicken coop complete with a hatch shed, meaning there are always fluffy little yellow chicks running around who love to be cuddled and snuggled by the giggly girls. For safety reasons a store house for fireworks was also constructed so that no accidents happen when some people get over enthusiastic with there nightly celebrations. RockHard has been quite busy with these constructions and were all eager to see what it is he plans to build next; rumors are there are designs in the works for a large outdoor hot tub facility but no one knows for sure yet.

Ron West, the resident brew master, blacksmith and all round handy man has added the production of several tasty sodas to his brew list. Made the good old fashioned way of fermentation carbonization instead of the modern and less tasty factory production methods. He can often be found hard at work even while everyone else is playing.

There is so much happening on the farm every day. The fresh fruit is always ripe and ready to be sampled by any and all guests, the staff always bouncy and ready to play. If you haven’t visited the farm yet you need to come on down, pull up a seat, go for a swim, and have a good time.

Hope to see you soon!


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