DomJon, Massage Therapist

Position: Massage and Relaxation Specialist


Every farm needs someone around to help take care of the girls of the farm, making sure that they don’t get too stressed or overworked, right? Well, at the Melon Farm at least we believe that’s the case and we brought on a great man to help keep the girls relaxed.

DomJon is 6′ 2″ and 245 pounds.  Brown hair and eyes and in excellent shape that draws the eyes. Former college football player. His big hands are perfect for massaging away any and all tension that the lovely farm girls may have.


  • Ensuring the continued relaxation of the farm girls so that they are ever ready for any sort of duty needed.
  • Providing the most relaxing experience possible for all of the farm girls and lovely lady visitors.

Special Notes:

  • Has a jacuzzi hot tub in his office as well as a massage table, so bring your swim suit.. or just go naked.
  • Some of the girls talk about the happy ending to the massage that they get that helped make them extra relaxed.


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