The blueberries that grow on the farm are an offshoot of the Jersey variety, which are already known for being quite plump, juicy, and sweet. They are regularly made into sweet fruit smoothies around the farm. The girls love them, when they aren’t drinking something else or are otherwise occupied by work on the farm.

Side Effects

However, the guys on the farm know that drinking the blueberry fruit smoothie can have some dramatic effects on them. After drinking a smoothie, men around the farm find themselves starting to be enhanced. The result on guys isn’t comical, but definitely can give one of the farm girls a good ride or a throatful of meat.

Farm Doctor’s Warning: Blueberries that are eaten raw may have even more dramatic results.


Fruit on the Farm

This post is just about the fruit on the farm. There will be another post about the milk on the farm. That post may also deal why there are no cows on the farm as well.


The lemons on the farm are delicious, plump, and delectable. They have been crafted to be some of the most delicious fruits possible, containing no natural tartness. Some of the farm girls will eat them right off of the tree, not seeming to mind their side effects.

Side Effects

The lemons and their juice tends to make everyone feel better and a bit more frisky. A lot of guests tend to drink a glass of lemonade before they really settle in and get comfortable with being around the farm and the antics on the farm between the boys and girls.

The lemons don’t have much in ability to augment women, unless they were already very modest. They at most give a juicy handful which is still usually dwarfed by the regular farm girls.  They top out at around a bouncy C.


Oranges are the other major citrus fruit on the farm. The oranges that grow on the Melon farm dwarf even Florida’s largest Navel Oranges. They are quite nutritious and very, very juicy. More often than not, those that eat an orange on the farm end up with some juices dripping and clinging all over them unless they are very careful. There are usually people around that are more than willing, and are quite eager, to lick up orange juice that has leaked onto someone. Such licking has been known to lead to other pleasant experiences.

Side Effects

Oranges on the farm are known for making people even more passionate. The juices just can’t be denied. The oranges on the farm don’t cause a complete loss of inhibitions, but they certainly go a long ways towards making a person much more comfortable and adventuresome. Some have tried to use the excuse “The orange made me do it.” to explain late night excesses.

On women, oranges have a much more dramatic ability to augment than lemons. While the oranges may not make a woman into the subject of myth and legend, most women would be more than proud to have a full round pair that an orange from the farm can provide. They lose their effectiveness once a woman’s a DD.


Soft, sweet, and oh so large. Just made for sharing, some have commented that the cantaloupes grown on the farm are big enough for a meal all on their own. Of course after such a meal, most everyone is feeling much more amorous and has the energy necessary to go for a romp around the farm like the Energizer Bunny!  Inhibitions can melt away with cantaloupes, but they have been much more focused on energy and growth. They can top a girl out around a healthy F cup.

Side Effects

There are two primary side effects of eating one of the cantaloupes on the farm. The first is the extra sexual energy that eating some of the cantaloupe provides. Hot, raw excitement that won’t be contained and must be expressed with someone or a couple of someones on the farm. The second is the continued loss of inhibitions, exploring positions and locations that they may not have considered before.

For the ladies that eat the cantaloupe, they discover that their breasts start to swell much more dramatically. The more they eat, the greater the expansion seems to be, and these breasts don’t sag much either, just enough to let the guys know you’re a sensible and natural farm girl who is lucky enough to be very curvy.


The pride and joy of the farm, and its namesake! There’s no runts of the litter here. Each watermelon is carefully grown, tended, and picked to ensure that they each meat the high quality standards that the Melon Farm is known for. We take good care of our melons because no one likes melons that have been roughed up, right? We didn’t think so. We like to think that this mentality is why each of the melons on the farm is so delectable and you can’t wait to get your hands on them.

Side Effects

The melons have no known side effects for men other than for being incredibly delicious, and who doesn’t like some good melon?

Unfortunately, the same is not true for women. Women find themselves quickly augmented to sizes most women would consider back breaking or unmanageable. Eating a whole melon can take a girl up to about an HH, more than enough for most women that visit the farm. The best part is that they won’t sag, and will bounce around perfectly with each step, drawing the eyes of all of the guys around the farm.