My Day on the Farm

Marielle shares a story about her first trip to the farm. It’s a fun little romp, and she’s got more more stories to come.

Want to help?

I could use a bit of graphics help to spruce up the blog for the melon farm. If you have some skills and want to help make the place look a bit better, send me an email at

Alternatively if you have some clean farm girls or guys, those are also welcomed. 🙂


– Tempy

The Melon Farm: A Poem

Courtesy of one of the members of the farm:


I very special place to go

To watch things bounce,

To watch things grow.

Their amazing fruits can be found

Juicy, tasty, sweet and round

Never before has there been such a farm

The girl’s kind, bubbly

Welcoming and warm.

A bustle of activity every day can be seen

Harvesting, watering

So much growing healthy and green.

As good as it is the fruit is only an attraction

For many come and admire

The giggling girls in action.

Happy, bouncy and full of smiles

There assets are many

They attract visitors for miles.

The fruit gets forgotten as the mind swerves

The happy bouncing girls

Distract with their curves

So much fun on the farm to be found

Take a dip, have a drink

Yall should come around.