Melon Farm News Update

There has been lots happening on the farm in recent weeks. Growing fast and becoming increasingly popular there are almost always a group of guests wandering around the farm marveling at its wonder and enjoying the incredible views it has to offer.

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Setting some rules

Hey all,

You’ve probably been wondering where the updates have been? Well, they are sitting in an inbox, in my head, or your head. Either way, they aren’t here because I have been very frustrated by the drama about the blog that has happened in the last couple of months.

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Want to help?

I could use a bit of graphics help to spruce up the blog for the melon farm. If you have some skills and want to help make the place look a bit better, send me an email at

Alternatively if you have some clean farm girls or guys, those are also welcomed. 🙂


– Tempy

How to Get a Job on the Farm

There’s been a lot of you guys asking how to get a job on the farm since it’s opened about a week ago. This has been fabulous and we really, REALLY, appreciate all of that excitement! For that, we give you each really hot and playful kisses! 🙂

We’re getting a lot of questions about how to get a job on the farm and it’s starting to overwhelm us. So we’re trying to find a way to keep ourselves sane. Well, as sane as you can be on a farm with hugely curvy girls. This post is about how to get a job on the farm.

Step 1: Have fun! Play on the farm and make a name for yourself. Please don’t just come into a room and ask for a job right away.

Step 2: Start talking to some of the regulars and learn more about the farm. You’re already on the blog, so that’s a really good start for learning about the farm!

Step 3: Find out what positions are available or make one of your own. The farm always needs more farm girls and farm studs. They are the backbone of the farm and why people come to the farm. We aren’t always looking for a lot of novelty positions or roles on the farm.

Step 4: Send us an email with some information about the role and character that you’re playing on the farm. We have some examples of what we want in profiles on the blog and are more than happy to help format and find pictures. Emails can go to

Step 5: Keep having fun! Really, that’s what the farm is all about. It’s why we made the room, and is what we want out of it.

We’ve all started as visitors to the farm and have been touched by the farm in a variety of ways.


State of the Farm

The central purpose of the Melon Farm is to serve as a room dedicated to adult roleplaying about a farm where all of the female farm help are delicious girls who are incredibly busty and friendly. There is a definite need for men, because why look good if no one’s looking, err, because there’s plenty of work to be done. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The farm girls are sexy, busty, a bit naive, but very hardworking. The guys around the farm are friendly, strong, and know how to keep a girl satisfied.

There is always a need for more help at the farm. If you’re interested in assisting at the farm, contact Tempy or CaptAdams.

Features of the farm at present include:

  • Citrus Farm
  • Melons Patch
  • Pond (with raft for sunbathing)
  • Milking Barn for cows
  • Labratory (for researching better formulas on the farm)
  • Guest Houses with a variety of motifs (different styles of play from the main focus of the room)
  • Main Office (Where you can usually find Tempy working or being worked over)

The room is not D/s oriented. Respect each other and have some fun.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to participate on the farm.

The Farm is Open

Welcome to the Melon Farm, a place for people to play and have fun. The Melon Farm is filled with all sorts of friendly girls with some of the best curves imaginable. We’re still setting the place up, so please don’t mind the mess! 🙂

– Kisses

Tempy, the Office Manager