Melon Farm News Update

There has been lots happening on the farm in recent weeks. Growing fast and becoming increasingly popular there are almost always a group of guests wandering around the farm marveling at its wonder and enjoying the incredible views it has to offer.

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Help Set Up the Farm

The farm will have several active storylines, and we’ll try to publish them for people to see with hooks for how to get involved. We want

Here’s the first Storyline!


The farm is still getting set up, and needs a lot of help to get fully staffed. Can you help fill an existing position or help create something unique that would be a great addition to the farm?


  • There’s a critical lack of friendly farm girls and farm studs to help and we’ll definitely be looking for more to help fill those often overlooked positions
  • There is a small lab on site┬ámaintained┬áby Dr. Kamara, perhaps you would like to help?
  • The animals on the farm are still needing a good vet.
  • The fruits grown on the farm need someone to help promote their health benefits.
  • Tempy, the Office Manager seems to have a never ending interviews and it’s taking a lot out of her. The ‘office work’ could definitely be spread around.

Status: Open