Here are the rules of the channel, please follow them. They are there to help ensure we have a fun time and to help maintain the theme of the room.


  • Have fun. Really, this is most important to the room.
  • This is not a D/s room, honorifics are not needed, required, or expected in the room.
  • The melon farm features TF elements, which is actively encouraged, however we also generally avoid male to female transformations.
  • Public play in the room is meant to be generally playful, hard fetishes and very kinky play can be saved for the private  guest rooms (PMs).
  • We do, however, strongly encourage public play. This is meant to be a fun room and we like to share.
  • Creepers are not tolerated, no matter who they are.

For the Women:

  • You can say no.

For the Guys:

  • Be a Gentleman. These are playful girls on the farm, not toys to be used and abused.
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