Status Update

The new deputy recently spotted around the farm

There have been several sightings recently. First there has been Pinky making her return after dealing with all sorts of things that have kept her from the farm. She promises to bring some new goodies with her this time.

There was a new deputy (and sheriff) seen around the farm today.. Certainly the new buxom and curvy lady wasn’t the former sheriff Cady? We’re certain that Cady will be seen around the farm soon. 🙂

The farm is still alive, and I promise to do more posts now that things are getting back to normal.

Well, normal where there are Juggs running around and a sexy deputy appearing out of nowhere.



Tempy, the Office Manager


DomJon, Massage Therapist

Position: Massage and Relaxation Specialist


Every farm needs someone around to help take care of the girls of the farm, making sure that they don’t get too stressed or overworked, right? Well, at the Melon Farm at least we believe that’s the case and we brought on a great man to help keep the girls relaxed.

DomJon is 6′ 2″ and 245 pounds.  Brown hair and eyes and in excellent shape that draws the eyes. Former college football player. His big hands are perfect for massaging away any and all tension that the lovely farm girls may have.


  • Ensuring the continued relaxation of the farm girls so that they are ever ready for any sort of duty needed.
  • Providing the most relaxing experience possible for all of the farm girls and lovely lady visitors.

Special Notes:

  • Has a jacuzzi hot tub in his office as well as a massage table, so bring your swim suit.. or just go naked.
  • Some of the girls talk about the happy ending to the massage that they get that helped make them extra relaxed.


The blueberries that grow on the farm are an offshoot of the Jersey variety, which are already known for being quite plump, juicy, and sweet. They are regularly made into sweet fruit smoothies around the farm. The girls love them, when they aren’t drinking something else or are otherwise occupied by work on the farm.

Side Effects

However, the guys on the farm know that drinking the blueberry fruit smoothie can have some dramatic effects on them. After drinking a smoothie, men around the farm find themselves starting to be enhanced. The result on guys isn’t comical, but definitely can give one of the farm girls a good ride or a throatful of meat.

Farm Doctor’s Warning: Blueberries that are eaten raw may have even more dramatic results.

RockHard, Farm Hand

Position: Heavy Work Horse/ Farmhand Helper


  • Building and maintaining any structures being added to the farm.
  • Making sure that the fields are properly watered and weeded, chopping wood.
  • Keeping the main yard clean and organized for guests
  • Keeping the Imaginary dog from causing too much trouble.
  •  Being all round helpful and eager to please all the pretty girls on the farm
  • Generally available to do any and all heavy lifting or labor required


  • Friendly yet a little shy, this large muscular fellow is eager to please and help in any way he can. A little odd with a touch of crazy he can be found talking to what appears to be nothing but he insists is an imaginary dog named Nibby who seams to argue with him endlessly. Easily smitten by all the pretty girls around the farm his shyness occasionally becomes a liability as their beauty renders him tongue tied and nervous. This passes as he becomes used to each new face and the true fun loving goofiness of this hard worker peeks out. Loving to play and laugh he can often be found in the pond swimming. He is a sweet kind man who is well worth taking the time to get to know as he will go threw almost any lengths to please.


  • wanders around with an imaginary dog who argues with him


History and Information

RockHard wandered by the farm one day to find it populated by not only pretty girls but exceptionally well endowed pretty girls. Being incredibly shy around such beautiful women he found himself welcomed despite his shyness and sought to reward their kindness to him by helping out in any way he could. Often followed around by his temperamental imaginary dog he can be found wandering the farm, tinkering and helping, as well as blushing brightly while he steals peeks at the gorgeous women around and their substantial ‘assets’.



RockHard is a 6’3” Caucasian of French and Norwegian decent. He has short brown hair, green eyes and exceptionally wide shoulders. He has large hands and thick arms from much heavy labor. He is often seen in a pair of plain blue jeans and steel toe boots, a black t-shirt and an old brown cowboy hat that long ago lost its proper shape. The only jewelry he wares is a silver chained necklace with the head of Marvin the Martian on it from the loony toons which he keeps under his shirt.


Melon Farm News Update

There has been lots happening on the farm in recent weeks. Growing fast and becoming increasingly popular there are almost always a group of guests wandering around the farm marveling at its wonder and enjoying the incredible views it has to offer.

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